The Dunes Resort Terms and Conditions



(Approved by the members and filed with Deeds Office in terms of Section 35(2)(b) of the
Sectional Titles Act 1986)
In terms of Section 35 (2)(b) of the Sectional Titles Act of 1986, the Trustees hereby publish
the following Schedule of Conduct Rules, which may be amended from time to time to meet
the changing needs of the community. These rules are in addition to Annexure 9 of the
Sectional Titles Act.
The purpose of these rules is the maintenance of common courtesy and regard for the rights
of all Residents, to sustain the use of common amenities and ensure the maintenance of
high standards of living for the mutual benefits of all Residents.
We request your co-operation in abiding by the rules and would point out that, should it be
necessary, the Trustees will take legal action to uphold these rules, in the best interest of all
Owners. The following serves as a general guideline to Occupants.
a) It must be each Occupant's declared intent to live as harmoniously as possible with all
other Residents and to respect each other’s rights of privacy and lifestyle.
b) Common courtesy and consideration for others must be the basis of all aspects of
It is the responsibility and duty of Owners to ensure that their Tenants, Visitors and
Employees are familiar with and abide by these rules.
It is hoped that parties in conflict will try to resolve matters amicably before involving
Managing Agents or Trustees.
Words and expressions defined in the Sectional Title Act No 95 of 1986 and Annexures,
shall in all rules, unless inconsistent with the context, bear the meaning assigned to such
words and expressions in the Act and Annexures thereto.
a) In the event of any dispute concerning the interpretation of these rules and/or the
enforcement thereof and/or any breach thereof, the decision of the majority of Trustees
shall be final and binding on all parties concerned in such disputes, notwithstanding
that the Trustees will at all times be bound by the requirements of the Sectional Title
and related Acts.
b) The headings contained in these rules are for convenience only and shall not affect the
interpretation thereof.
c) Should any provision of these rules be invalid and/or unenforceable, such provision is
severable from the rest of these rules and shall not affect the validity and enforceability

1. Animals, reptiles and birds
2. Refuse disposal
3. Vehicle control/parking
4. Damage to common property
5. Alterations
6. External appearance of property and obstructions to common property
7. Signs and notices
8. Littering
9. Laundry/washing lines
10. Fire protection
11. Security, safety and risk
12. Storage of inflammable materials and other dangerous acts
13. Letting of units
14. Eradication of pests
15. Utility savings electricity/water
16. Gardens and plants
17. Noise/general Behaviour
18. Entrance gate
19. Personnel and general workers (employees)
20. Hawkers/marketing agents
21. Behaviour of children
22. Occupancy of units
23. Local authority and environment
24. Communication
25. Fires
26. Braais/BBQs
27. Fish cleaning
28. Vehicle access to beach
29. Relaxation of conduct rules
30. Visitors
31. Hotel And commercial Sections
32. Swimming pools/entertainment Areas
33. Emergency/disaster Plan
34. General

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Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013

a) No reptiles or birds may be kept.
b) An Owner or permanent Tenant of a Section shall not, without the written
consent of the Trustees, which approval may not unreasonably be withheld, keep
an animal in a Section or on the Common Property.
c) Only Owners or permanent Tenants are allowed to keep a pet but this will be
limited to one pet per Section.
d) When granting approval the Trustees may prescribe any reasonable condition.
e) The Trustees may withdraw any such approval in the event of any breach or any
condition prescribed in sub-rule (d).
f) Such pre-conditions will include that a dog will only be allowed in a properly
secured Section with gate and carport shutter.
g) All dogs and cats must be neutered, sprayed and vaccinated against Rabies and
all other prevalent diseases. The owner of the pet shall provide all relevant
documentation when applying for permission to keep a pet.
h) Pets on the Common Property shall be leashed and property controlled at all
times so as not to cause a nuisance to other Residents, damage to Common
Property and harm to bird and wildlife.
i) Should any pet foul the Common Property the Occupant of the Section to which
the pet belongs shall immediately remove all excrement or other mess.
j) All pets must wear a collar with a tag indicating the name, telephone number and
Section number of its Owner.

It is the responsibility of the Owner/Occupier to:
a) Utilise the receptacle provided for refuse which must be stored on their carport or
other area designated by the Trustees.
b) Ensure that before refuse is placed in such receptacle it is securely wrapped or
in the case of tins and other containers completely drained.
c) Not place the refuse receptacle where it maybe visible or cause an obstruction to
any other part of the Common Property or any other Section.
d) Only use this receptacle for domestic waste, removal of all other waste such as
builders waste and unwanted furnishings, fittings etc. must be disposed of by the
Owner at his own expense.
e) Participate in any recycling project introduced by the Trustees from time to time.

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Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013

a) Motor vehicles of Owners/Occupants and their Visitors, should only be parked in
such areas as are specifically provided.
b) All carports and driveways with a Section number are specifically provided for
the use of the Occupant of that particular Section.
c) It is specifically prohibited to park in front of or block Section driveways which are
to be kept clear at all times.
d) It is prohibited for Guests or Contractors to park in any carport or driveway other
than that specifically designated to the Resident whom they are either visiting or
employed by.
e) No more than two cars per Duplex Section are to be parked inside the Resort,
other vehicles beyond this figure are to be directed to the Visitors parking area
near the main entrance.
f) Vehicles which are not in use may not be left standing for extended periods or
abandoned on the Common Property.
g) Vehicles may not travel at speeds in excess of 10kms per hour within the Resort
(this includes both manually and mechanically propelled forms of transport).
h) No Owner/Occupier shall be permitted to dismantle or affect major motor repairs,
reconditioning of vehicles, or fitment of sound or alarm systems to their vehicles
on any portion of the Common Property.
i) Trucks, caravans, trailers, jet-skis, boats, horse-boxes, off-road bikes, etc. may
only be parked at the discretion of and in areas specifically approved by the
Trustees. Any such vehicle parked on a carport will be taken as a vehicle space
and restrict the Duplex Owner/Occupant to only one other parking space within
the Resort.
j) Owners/Occupiers of Sections shall ensure that their vehicles and the vehicles of
their Visitors and Guests, do not drip oil or brake fluid on the Common Property
or in any other way deface the Common Property. The onus is on the
Owner/Occupant to restore any spoilt area to its original condition.
k) The Trustees may cause to be wheel clamped, removed or towed away at the
risk and expense of the Owner of the vehicle any vehicle parked on the Common
Property in contravention of the aforementioned, without any liability for any
damage claims whatsoever.
l) No person shall sleep in any vehicle parked on the Exclusive Use Common
Property or Common Property areas.
m) Triple axle vehicles are forbidden within the Resort while double axle vehicles
may only enter with the expressed permission of the Estate Manager.
n) Full washing of vehicles is only allowed at the designated wash bay, (adjacent to
the refuse area), bucket wash only is permitted in the Exclusive Use carport
area. As we are in water stressed area water conservation directives must be
followed at all times.

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Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013
o) No quad bikes are permitted to be ridden within the Resort. Motorbikes can be
used for entry and exit purposes only and are not to be ridden around the Resort.
p) Normal rules of the road are applied within the Resort and only drivers who are
in possession of a bar coded drivers licence may drive any vehicle within the
q) No reckless driving will be tolerated.
r) No automobile hooters shall be sounded at any time.
s) No parking of vehicles is allowed on any lawn/grassed areas except for those
especially designated for the purpose
t) Any damage caused to the roads, parking areas, curbs, gardens, buildings,
outside walls and entrance gate/boom, will be recovered from the responsible
person and in the event of such damage being caused by triple or double axle
vehicle, furniture removal vehicle etc., the particular Owner/ Occupant who made
use of the services of such vehicles will be held jointly and severally responsible
for damage so caused.
u) One golf cart is permitted is permitted per Section. It is the Owners responsibility
to ensure that the golf cart is of a size and design so that it can be
accommodated alongside their car on the carport of their Section. Under no
circumstances are golf carts to be left standing on Common Property overnight,
obstruct the access of other users or be parked in the yard of a Section.

a) Should any damage of whatever nature be caused to the Common Property by
an Owner/ Occupant, and/or any member of his/her Family, and/or any of his/her
Visitors, and/or any of his/her Employees, their Children and/or pet, of such
Occupant, or should such persons cause the Body Corporate to suffer any loss
or incur any expense, such Occupant shall be liable to properly repair such
damage forthwith and to reimburse the Body Corporate in full respect of such
loss or expense.
b) If the Trustees instruct a firm of attorneys in connection with or arising out of an
infringement by an Owner/Occupant, the Owner/Occupant shall be liable to
reimburse the Body Corporate on demand for all legal costs occurred in respect
Sectional Title developments are split into 3 separate categories;
Section - the area of your Unit/Section which is fully enclosed and on which your
participation quota (PQ) is calculated.
Exclusive Use Common Property - in the case of Dunes Resort, the yard, patio and
carport of your property.
Common Property - All other areas on the Resort.

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Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013

a) Section
Minor alterations such as repainting, retiling etc. are permitted subject to prior
written approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and Estate
Major alterations which involve structural changes and/or change of use, require
Body Corporate written approval in advance of any work being undertaken. It is
the Owners responsibility to provide plans, professional opinion and detailed
timescale of works to the Managing Agents for submission to the Body Corporate
representatives to enable them to deal with the application. For any approved
internal installation which impacts on the outside of the building (e.g. DSTV
connections, air conditioners etc.) the on-going maintenance of the exterior
portion of the installation is the Owners sole responsibility.
b) Alterations to Exclusive Use Common Property
A guideline list of alterations and process requirements is available. Note this is a
guideline only, is subject to change and should not to be taken to in anyway
imply that an application made will be successful. Each individual request will be
dealt with according to its merits and with consideration to aesthetics, noise
disruption, the general good of the Body Corporate membership and the
Sectional Title Act. (See Alterations Schedule attachment).
In all cases it is the Owners responsibility to ensure that they use only reputable
and accredited Contractors, that all legislative requirements are met and that no
unacceptable disruption is caused to other Body Corporate members during
works. Owners will also be fully responsible for any and all on-going costs
relating to their alterations and installations.
c) Alterations to Common Property
No alterations to Common Property, by an individual Owner, will be allowed
unless unanimous approval is given by the Body Corporate membership at an
Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.
d) Emergency Generators
i) In the event of power outages the Commercial Operator is entitled to use
portable generator/s to ensure the continued operation of the Commercial
Section at pre-designated locations as agreed with the Trustees.
ii) Applications for the temporary installation of generators to the Duplex/Villa
Sections, in the event of power outages, must be made in writing to the
Board of Trustees for approval. Such approval will not be unreasonably
iii) In the case of both i) and ii) above it is the installing Owners responsibility
to ensure that all legislative requirements are met in the installation and
running of the generators as dictated by the relevant Municipal by-laws and
manufacturers recommendations. The Trustees reserve the right to stop
the operation of any generator deemed to be non-compliant, hazardous or
detrimental to the well-being of Occupants of the Resort.

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Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013
The Owner or Occupier shall not at any time place items in the Exclusive Use
Common Property or Common Property areas (such as inflatables, gazebos/tents,
portable jacuzzis/hot-tubs, washing lines, etc. which in the discretion of the Trustees is
aesthetically displeasing or undesirable when viewed from the outside of the Section
and/or is liable to adversely affect adjoining sections.
a) With the exception of the licensed Commercial Section, no business, profession
or trade may be conducted in any Section or on Common Property except by
advance written permission of the Trustees.
b) No garage or jumble sales may be held unless prior consent in writing is
obtained from the Trustees
c) No Owner or Occupier of a Section, used for residential purposes, shall exhibit,
distribute or allow to be placed, any sign, notice ,billboard, armed reaction
company warning notice, advertisement or publicity of any kind whatsoever on
any part of the Common Property or of a Section, so as to be visible from outside
the Section, without the prior written consent of the Trustees having been
d) Estate Agents signs are only allowed to be displayed at times and in locations as
directed by the Trustees.
e) Owners are obliged to ensure that they use only accredited and qualified Estate
a) An Owner or Occupier of a Section shall not deposit, throw, or permit or allow to
be deposited or thrown, on the Common Property any rubbish, including dirt,
cigarette butts, food scraps or any other litter whatsoever.
b) All refuse, debris etc. resulting from extensions, alterations or improvements
shall be removed by the Owner within 5 days. If such refuse/debris is not
removed the Trustees may cause it to be removed and all charges incurred will
be for the account of the Owner concerned.

a) An Owner or Occupier of a Section shall not, without the consent in writing of the
Trustees, erect his own washing lines, nor hang any washing or laundry or any
other items on any part of the buildings so as to be visible from any other
Sections or from the Common Property.
b) Laundry is at no time to be left lying on the grassed yard, carport floor or patio
c) No laundry is to be left hanging out of Section windows or, in the case of Dunes
Villas, to be hung over balcony railings.

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Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013

a) It is the Owners responsibility to ensure an adequate number of fire
extinguishers are kept within their Section and that they are serviced as required,
(access to be given to Body Corporate appointees to assist with this service as
they see fit).
b) An Owner or Occupant shall not repair, alter or interfere with the electrical supply
on the Common Property. Electrical faults shall be reported to the Estate
c) Electrical and gas appliances in Sections shall be maintained in good order by
the Owner or Occupiers and when necessary repaired by a registered technician
at the Owners expense.
d) Owners and Occupiers shall take due care to avoid creating a fire hazard e.g. by
overloading power points. They will be responsible to the Body Corporate for any
costs incurred due to such actions and will be liable for any excess payable in
respect of any insurance claim.
e) Fire Hoses and all other fire fighting equipment may only be used for their
intended purpose.
a) Security and Access control regulations as laid down by the Body Corporate are
to be adhered to at all times and it is the Owners responsibility to ensure all
Tenants, Guests, Employees and Contractors are advised of and adhere to
these regulations.
b) Above and beyond the Body Corporate security arrangements it is the Section
Owners responsibility to take any additional measures required to limit the
possibility of a security breach. Such measures include securing windows/doors
overnight and when a Section is unattended, provision of additional lighting,
installation of burglar bars, security doors, locking device and alarm systems etc.
Costs incurred for additional installations will be entirely for the Section Owners
account and all alterations/additions must conform to designated guidelines as
set out by the Body Corporate.
c) Only internal burglar bars and security gates meeting the designated guidelines
as set out by the Body Corporate may be installed. No external burglar bars and
security gates will be permitted.

a) An Owner or Occupier shall not store any material, or do or permit to allow to be
done, any dangerous act in their Section or on the Common Property which will
or may increase the rate of the premium payable by the Body Corporate on any
insurance premium.
b) No firearms, pellet guns, paint ball guns, catapults or bows and arrows may be
discharged on or over the Common Property.
c) No firearms are to be carried on the Resort and it is the Owners sole
responsibility to ensure that firearms in their, or their Occupants possession, are

Page 7

Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013

stored securely in their Sections at all times.
d) Inflammable or other dangerous material or articles may not be brought onto the
Common Property or elsewhere except in such limited quantities as are allowed
under the insurance policy.
e) No fireworks or Chinese lanterns are allowed to be set off within the bounds of
the Resort.
a) Only qualified and registered Letting Agents are allowed to operate on the
b) All Occupiers of units and their Visitors/Guests are obliged to comply with these
Conduct Rules in their entirety, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary
contained in any lease or any other grant of rights of occupancy.
c) It is the Owners full responsibility to ensure that the Conduct Rules are
communicated to their Tenants, Visitors and Guests.
d) Owners who let their Sections to permanent/semi-permanent Tenants must
advise the Estate Manager of the name and full details of the Tenant, and other
Occupants, and ensure that a copy of the Conduct Rules is issued to the Tenant
and a signed receipt forwarded to the Estate Manager before occupation by the
Tenant. Once this information is logged the appropriate vehicle security pass will
be issued.
e) For all permanent and semi-permanent Tenants the Owners must complete the
Estate Managers Owner/Tenant forms, movement control forms for moving into
the Resort and instruct the Tenant to complete all other management forms
required in the Resort from time to time and ensure that the movement control
form, for moving out, is completed by the Tenant and returned to the Estate
Manager no later than 72hrs prior to the move for verification by the Owner.
f) Owners must ensure that all Occupiers of their Sections and their Guests comply
with security assess control procedures as applicable at the time of occupation.

a) It is the Owners responsibility to ensure that access is allowed to their Section for
any and all eradication treatment initiatives organised by the Body Corporate.
b) In addition to the aforementioned treatments the Owner shall keep his Section,
yard and carport, free of white ants, wood borer and other wood destroying
insects and to this end shall permit the Trustees, Estate Manager and any other
duly authorised Agents or Employees, to enter upon his Section from time to
time for the purpose of inspection and taking such action as may be deemed
reasonably necessary to eradicate any such pests. The cost of such inspection,
eradicating any such pests as may be found within the Section, replacement of
any woodwork or other material forming part of such Section which may be
damaged by any such pests will be borne by the Owner of the Section

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Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013

a) Owners must ensure that the geysers, under floor heating and fridges in their
Section are switched off when the Section will not be occupied within a further 3
day period.
b) As the Resort is in a water stressed area it is the Owners responsibility to ensure
that water is used sparingly at all times by Section Occupants and that the Body
Corporate initiatives as dictated from time to time are followed.

a) Gardens and plants on the Exclusive Use Common Property and Common
Property are for the enjoyment of all Residents and no wilful damage will be
tolerated. Removal of plants is not permitted unless authorised in writing by the
b) Occupants are encouraged to improve the gardens in their Exclusive Use
Common Property area upon written application to and approval from the
Trustees which will not be unreasonably withheld as long as the theme of the
Resort is not compromised.
c) Garden tools must be stored out of view and not be visible from other Sections or
Common Property areas.
d) No gardens may be altered in such a manner as to restrict the thoroughfare of
any part of the Exclusive Use Common Property or Common Property areas.
e) Declared weeds and alien invaders shall be eradicated and shall not be planted.
f) Insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides shall be used in strict
accordance with the instructions for use on the manufacturer’s label. No large
scale eradication of insects, pests or plants shall be undertaken by an Owner or
Occupier. Large scale eradication is at the sole discretion of the Body Corporate
as a whole.
g) No creepers or ivy are permitted to grow on the exterior walls of a Section or on
the walls in the Exclusive Use Common Property areas.
h) No persons or pets may enter the water features on the Common Property.
Noise levels are to be kept within acceptable standards at all times so as not to cause
unreasonable disturbance to other Owners/Occupiers. The Body Corporate reserves
the right to fine and as a last result evict any Occupant guilty of on-going noise abuse.
Prevailing Municipal By-Laws will be actively enforced.
Notwithstanding the above;
a) Radios, CD players, televisions, musical instruments and other sound producing
devices shall not be played or used in such a manner as to interfere with any
Occupants enjoyment of their Section, Exclusive Use Common Property or the
Common Property at any time.

Page 9

Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013
b) Automobile hooters and alarms shall not be sounded on the Common Property
at any time by any Occupant or their Visitors.
c) Silence must be maintained between 22h00 and 07h00 from Sunday to
Thursday and public holidays and 23h00 and 08h00 on Friday and Saturdays.
For Commercial Sections Licensing Regulations and associated by-laws will apply.
d) All motor vehicles must be maintained in such a manner as not to exceed the
Automobile Association permissible noise level, this includes all working parts.
e) An Owner or Occupier shall not cause or permit any disorderly conduct of
whatsoever nature in a Section or upon any part of the Exclusive Use Common
Property or Common Property, or do or permit such action which will constitute
or cause a nuisance or inconvenience to any other Owner or Occupier of a
Section, to the Trustees or staff of the Body Corporate or any other person
lawfully present.
f) An Owner, Occupier or Occupiers Guest shall not cause a nuisance by
harassing the Trustees, Managing Agents, Estate Manager or the Staff by
making incessant and/or unreasonable demands for information, exemption to
the Conduct Rules, attentions to personal requests or the performance of a
Access control protocols apply 24hrs per day and are as follows:
a) Owners, Guests and other Occupants of Sections shall, at all times, adhere to
and comply with all directives issued by the Trustees from time to time pertaining
to the security of the Resort and entrance and exit control to and from the
b) No tailgating is permitted.
c) Only vehicles belonging to Owners, Guests, service companies and Visitors
(subject to a maximum of 2 vehicles per section at any one time) will be allowed
past the security gate. Vehicles belonging to Day staff and other employees of
the Resort will not be allowed either through the security gate or to park on the
d) All Visitors must adhere to the following
i) The Visitor must know the number of the Section and name of Occupant
before attempting entry.
ii) The Visitor must supply details as requested by the Security Guard which
will include Section to be visited, vehicle registration number, name of
Visitor, purpose of visit etc.
iii) The Security Guard will telephone the Section to be visited and advise the
Occupant of the visitor. If there is no answer from the Section, or the
Occupant declines to see the Visitor, access to the Resort will be
denied by the Security Guard.

Page 10

Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013
iv) Owners are required to regularly update their and their Tenants information
by completing the Owner/Tenant form supplied by the Estate manager.
v) Access stickers will be supplied to all permanent and semi-permanent
Residents on the Resort which must be displayed on the front
windscreen of the vehicle at all times. Any vehicle not displaying this
sticker will be required to complete the access register every time they
wish to enter the Resort.
vi) Upon selling the Section or a rental period expiring the Estate Manager
must be advised in writing and any access stickers supplied returned.

a) All employees requiring access to the Resort must be registered with the Estate
Manager. Only registered employees will be allowed onto the premises and this
specifically excludes Family, Friends and Visitors of Employees.
b) Owner/Occupants shall ensure that any Domestic and/or Contract Staff
employed by them do not loiter on the Common Property or cause any kind of
noise or related disturbance.
c) Domestic and General workers employed by an Owner must complete a
Domestic/General worker application form and provide a valid South African ID
document and any other information requested by the Estate Manager.
d) Employees are not permitted parking rights within the Resort and must leave
vehicles in the designated guest parking area. Under no circumstances are
Employees to be issued with car stickers, entry gate access code numbers or
any form of remote which may be in operation.
e) Residents shall not request any Employee of the Body Corporate to perform
work on their behalf. All requests for assistance must be reported to the Estate
Manager who will be the judge as to if the work is the responsibility of the Body
Corporate or the Owner, if it is permissible for a Body Corporate staff member to
carry out the work and, if so, when the work can be programmed.

a) No Hawkers, Marketing Agents or Sales Representatives (except those
appointed by the Commercial Section Operator) are allowed access to the
Resort without prior approval of the Trustees and due notification being received
by the Estate Manager.
b) No Marketing Literature is to be distributed on the Resort (except marketing
material from the Commercial Operator) without the expressed approval in
writing from the Trustees.

Page 11

Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013

a) Parents are responsible for the general behaviour of children including any noise
caused by their children.
b) Children under 12 are to to supervised by a responsible adult over 18 when
using the Swimming Pools and the playground facilities. The use of all facilities
shall be entirely at own risk and neither the Body Corporate, Commercial
Operator or the Trustees accept any responsibility of whatsoever nature in
respect of any harm, loss and/or damage sustained by any person in the course
of, incidental to or in connection with using the facilities.
c) No roller blades, skateboards, scooters, skates or similar are allowed on the
Common Property.
a) No overloading of Sections is permitted and under no circumstances are
Exclusive Use Common Property or Common Property areas to be used for
b) Unless otherwise authorised in writing by the Trustees the following Occupancy
levels apply per category.
i) Dunes Villas - as per configuration.
ii) Duplexes - Maximum of 6 persons.
iii) Hotel Rooms - As per Hotel Regulations.
The prevailing Municipal By-Laws are to be adhered to at all times.
a) Owners, Occupiers, Visitors and Employees are subject to the Local Authorities
rules governing the protection of the environment, preservation of fauna and flora
and controlling of noise and pollution.
b) The bush areas between the Resort and the beach are protected and therefore,
apart from designated access routes, are not to be used as a thoroughfare or for
recreational purposes. Trustees may give Commercial Operator special
exemption subject to prior written application and written environmental
clearances being obtained from the relevant governing body.
c) The birdlife and wildlife on the premises may not be disturbed.
Only information circulated by the Managing Agents on behalf of the Trustees,
approved by the Trustees or circulated directly by the Trustees can be considered to
be representative of actual policy, procedure and/or developments on the Resort

Page 12

Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013

a) No fires are permitted on the beach or the viewing deck and lawn area adjoining
the beach.
b) Fires are not allowed on any part of the Exclusive Common Property or Common
Property areas except in designated fire places.
c) Fire of any sort is strictly prohibited in the protected grass and lawn areas in the
Reserve area adjacent to the beach pathway.

a) Braais are only allowed on the Exclusive Use Common Property or Common
Property in the designated areas provided.
b) Owners shall ensure as far as is practical that the smoke from a braai does not
cause a nuisance to other Owners or Occupiers.
c) No braai's are allowed on the beach or the wooden deck overlooking the beach.
d) No wood for barbecue/braai purposes may be chopped on the flooring of the
Exclusive Use Common Property or Common Property areas.
e) Any fat of fatty substance deposited onto the flooring of any Exclusive Common
Property or Common Property area must be cleaned up by the
Fish cleaning must be carried out at the sink facility provided at the steps to the beach
and all fish waste must be put in a sealed bag for disposal.
With the exception of Dunes Villa Owners/Occupiers and their Guests and authorised
Contractors, no vehicle access to the Resort Dunes area is allowed with the exception
of a maximum of one golf cart per Section which must be parked at the designated
area provided.
No indulgence or relaxation of these Conduct Rules shall constitute a waiver or
consent or prevent the enforcement thereof by the Trustees.
All Owners of Sections have full responsibility for ensuring all Occupants of and
Visitors to their Sections comply with these Conduct Rules at all times.

Page 13

Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013

a) It is the Operators responsibility to ensure that all Municipal by-laws and
licensing requirements are met and adhered to as regards to the operation of the
Hotel and Commercial Sections.
b) The Hotel and Commercial Section operative shall not carry out or allow to be
carried out on any area of the Resort, any act which will compromise these
Conduct Rules, cause financial or reputation loss to the Body Corporate or
adversely affect the lifestyle of other Body Corporate members.
c) The Management of the Hotel and Commercial Sections shall ensure that all
Guests and Visitors utilising their facilities are aware of and comply with these
Conduct Rules.

a) Section owners have a right to utilise all entertainment areas on the Resort.
Visitors must be accompanied by an Occupant. A maximum of 6 visitors per
section is applicable unless written consent is given by the Trustees or in the
case of the Hotel and Commercial Sections approval is given by the Hotel
Management. The purpose of this restriction is to ensure that Swimming Pool
and Entertainment areas are not monopolised by individual groups and are
available for the enjoyment of all Section owners.
b) Owner/Occupants must ensure that they and their Guests leave the Swimming
Pool/Entertainment areas clean and tidy after use.
c) Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by a responsible person over
the age of 18 at all times in the Swimming Pool and playground areas. The
presence of Life Guards at peak periods is a supplement to this supervision and
does not in any way diminish the Section owner’s responsibility to supervise
Children in their care.
d) No glass objects are permitted in the Swimming Pools.
e) The Swimming Pool/Entertainment Areas are used entirely at the risk of the
Owner/Occupant and their Guests. Anyone entering the pool area hereby
releases the Body Corporate and the Owners and Management of the
Commercial Sections from all responsibility of whatsoever nature in respect of
any harm, loss and/or damage sustained in the course of, incidental to or in
connection with being on the premises.
f) The gates to the Swimming Pool areas must be kept closed at all times.
g) No animals or pets are permitted in the pool areas.
h) No ball games are permitted in the Entertainment Areas with the exception of
those which have been specifically provided for. Special exemption may be
granted to the Commercial Operator by application to the Trustees. Such
approval will not be unreasonably withheld.
i) Correct swimwear must be worn at all times when utilising the Swimming Pool

Page 14

Version 1.0 dated 27 November 2013
j) The Main Commercial Area has a Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Games Room
and Bar facility. All Section owners and their Tenants/Guests are welcome to
utilise these facilities but are not allowed to bring their own food and beverage
items. All food and beverage items must be purchased from the Restaurant/Bar
k) Requests by Section Owners and their Tenants/Guests for a private function in
the Commercial conference facilities must be made directly to the Hotel
Management who will advise on the rate for the booking. No private booking will
be allowed on the Common Property area without prior Body Corporate approval
(exemption continues for the Commercial Operator to utilise the beach lawn area
for weddings as long as access to the beach is not restricted and all required
permits/permissions are obtained). .
l) The playground facilities including the trampolines, swings and jungle gym are
used entirely at the individual’s risk. A responsible person over the age of 18
must supervise children under 12 at all times when they are utilising these
facilities. No footwear is to be worn when using the trampoline.

It is the Owners responsibility to ensure that all Occupants of their Sections and their
Visitors are fully aware of and comply with the Resort Emergency/Disaster Plan.
a) The Trustees and their Managing Agents shall have the right to take any action
deemed fit to prevent any infringement of these rules.
b) Exclusive Use Common Property and Common Property areas must at all times
be kept tidy.
c) No stones or other objects may be thrown on the Common Property.
d) An Occupant shall not do or permit to be done in his Section, on the Exclusive
Use Common Property or on the Common Property anything which may be
considered illegal or which will or may increase the rate of premiums payable by
the Body Corporate or any insurance premium.
e) All complaints must be lodged in writing and sent to the Trustees (via the
Managing Agent) or given to the Estate Manager. A sincere endeavour will be
made to resolve such complaints as long as such complaints are not wilfully
malicious and/or will adversely affect the rights of other Residents.
f) An Occupant shall not place or do anything on any part of the Exclusive Use
Common Property (including balconies, patios, carports and gardens) which
when viewed from the outside of the Section is, at the discretion of the Trustees,
aesthetically displeasing or undesirable.
g) No equipment on the Common Property may be removed or tampered with.
h) The Trustees reserve the right to impose fines, at their discretion from time to
time, on any Occupant who continues to be in breach of these Conduct Rules
after having been given written notice thereof from the Trustees or their
nominated Agent.