The Dunes Plett Terms and Conditions

Strict Cancellation - 50% Refund up to 1 month before arrival

Less than 2 weeks before check-in
No refund

More than 2 weeks before check-in
25% deposit refunded

More than 1 month before check-in
50% deposit refunded


Refundable Breakage Deposit (RBD)

  • We require a  refundable damage deposit from guests:
  • Guests pay a  refundable breakage deposit of R500 for 6 nights and under.
  • Guests pay a  refundable breakage deposit of R1 000 for 7 nights and over.
  • Guests pay a refundable breakage deposit of R2 500 when booking a Villa.
  • We collect your refundable breakage deposit by Credit card link or EFT.
  • We return the refundable breakage deposit via EFT.
  • Refundable Damage Deposit is paid back within 14 days after check-out.

Please ensure that you forward us your banking details to ensure payment for the refund. Within 14 days.

If the RBD is not reclaimed within 2 weeks of departure your RBD will be forfeited.

Card Commission

Any Bank Credit Card Commission on Cancellations will be charged to the guest.

Duplex access codes and keys

Codes & Keys will only be given once all payments are made

This includes

  • The full amount for Accommodation
  • The full amount for Breakage Deposit (Refundable)

Staying at The Dunes Plett

  • Working Hours for employees is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm if there is an emergency that is true. Help will be given.
  • NO Refunds will be given for whatever reason if the guest decides to leave earlier than their departure date.
  • Should TV sets, air conditioning units, Wifi or electrical appliances go faulty during your stay, we will do our utmost best to have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. However, no deduction in Accommodation price will be allowed for delays beyond our control.
  • Neither the LANDLORD nor THE DUNES PLETT shall be responsible for any damages of whatever nature, nor shall they be responsible for any personal injury which may be sustained in or about the Holiday premises by the GUEST or any other person to whom such injury may be caused, and the GUEST hereby indemnifies the LANDLORD and THE DUNES PLETT against any claims of whatsoever nature that may be made against the LANDLORD and THE DUNES PLETT by anybody in respect of personal injuries sustained or in respect of the loss of or any damage to anything contained in or brought into the leased premises.  This provision shall apply notwithstanding that any loss, damage or injury therein referred to may occur or be sustained in consequences that may be done or omitted by the LANDLORD or THE DUNES PLETT whether negligently or otherwise.
  • NOT causing any noise or nuisance, which would in any way, disturb the quiet and peaceful occupation of the neighbours.
    THE DUNES PLETT or any of its officers, directors, employees, or attorneys shall assume or ever have any liability or responsibility for, any diminution in the value of the Collateral or any part of the Collateral. Due to Acts of God or unforeseen circumstances that are out of The Dunes Plett control. 
  • THE DUNES PLETT Accommodation is self-catering and is not a hotel service. Guest will be given complimentary goods on arrival however from there on Guest are responsible for their supplies for the rest of their duration.

Guest code of conduct toward Staff.

  • All Cleaning staff are to be respected when in the unit cleaning. If there are any reports of misconduct or improper behaviour. There will be swift action and termination of the Guest's stay.
  • During Mid-week cleans ensure that all valuable items and precious belongings are secure and safe as we will not be liable for any items missing.

December seasons 

Please note that we only accept 7-day bookings within the December season


Legal Costs

Should THE DUNES PLETT have to take legal action against the GUEST, the GUEST shall pay costs on an attorney-client scale, such costs to include the collection of the full amount of the Accommodation price or any other collection or commission charges.

Extra Fees

Administration fees will be charged at a half-hourly rate of R275 for additional work needing to be done in the event of having to prove and explain our Terms and Conditions.