Plettenberg Bay

The History of Plettenberg Bay

Posted by Kim on Mon September 12, 2022 in History .

Plettenberg Bay is known for its beauty, as well as its rich history; which began during the time when Bartolomeu Dias chartered the bay in 1487, and named it Bahia das Alagoas (‘Bay of the Lagoons’). During the 15th century, Plettenberg Bay was then named Bahia Formosa (‘Beautiful Bay’) by Portuguese navigator and cartographer, Manuel de Mesquita Ptrestrélo (Christopher Columbus married into this famous family of seafarers).

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Fun Activities in Plettenberg Bay.

Posted by Kim on Thu August 18, 2022 in Fun Activities in Plettenberg Bay.

Plettenberg Bay has become a destination of choice for business, touring and most holiday destination due to its stunning sceneries and commercial successes. But what about fun? What can you do that will make your visit even more memorable?

Here are fun activities you can experience in Plettenberg Bay.

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Quick Spots to Tickle Your Taste Buds.

Posted by Kim on Thu August 18, 2022 in Food to try!!.

What is a visit to Plettenberg Bay without stopping for a quick bite, or just to try something different? That’s the beauty of Plett, there is something for everyone!
Try these places to tickle your taste buds!

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Top 5 Restaurants in Plettenberg Bay

Posted by Kim on Mon August 1, 2022 in Activities in Plettenberg Bay .

“Let them eat cake!” ~ Marie Antoinette
“Let them eat everything!” ~ The Dunes Plett

Any proud South African will tell you that when it comes to food, they take it seriously! Today, food is more of an art than just a mere dish. The more there is to discover, the more we wish to explore! Plettenberg Bay boasts unique restaurants with stunning views, and what better way to spend time with family than by treating yourselves to a delicious meal with breathtaking views, no matter which chair you sit in!
If picking up weight is a crime, then you’ll be happy to ‘do time’ at these top 5 restaurants selected just for you!

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