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How to capture that Plett feeling

Posted on Tue January 8, 2019.

Plettenberg Bay has long since been an all-time favourite for all those in search of sunshine, warm(er) water than most of SA and a lifestyle that’s hard to beat. A lifestyle so hard to beat in fact, that the social hashtag assigned to Plett has also become every visitor’s mantra: ‘Plett, it’s a feeling.’

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Numbers to have on your phone when staying in Plettenberg Bay

Posted on Thu December 6, 2018.

Whenever you are staying in Plettenberg Bay it's always good to have these numbers by your side.

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10 Aerial Photos that will have you dreaming of Plett tonight

Posted on Tue November 13, 2018.

Drone photography has changed our perspective on many things: how we enjoy a sunrise, how we watch whales and, even, how we watch a rugby match on TV. Here are ten magnificent aerial photos of Plettenberg Bay that may change the way you look at Plett and will certainly have you dreaming of your next coastal holiday!

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Flying High

Posted on Wed October 24, 2018.

That otherworldly screaming you’re hearing is most probably your own voice as you throw yourself off a bridge or jumped from a plane! Calling all adrenaline and extreme sport junkies… it’s that time again when you feel the rush of blood to your head and let the endorphins wash over every cell in your body. Plett is home to several outdoor adrenaline fun activities beckoning those who enjoy nothing more than having the daylights scared right out of them. So where can you go if you feel the need for goosebumps?

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The Best Whale-Watching Spots in the Cape 2018 (Plettenberg Bay)

Posted on Thu September 20, 2018.

Come and see the whales at play in Plettenberg Bay!

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